Genefitletics launches UP THE GUT intelligence for skin health

Genefitletics launches UP THE GUT intelligence for skin health

Genefitletics, a microbial science company providing a direct view of the individual's unique health and providing personalised nutrition & lifestypes for the prevention and reversal of chronic illness, recently launched UP THE GUT, the microbe science industry that provides microbial testing solutions for microbial sequence solutions to the individual's customers.

Skin is the human body's biggest organ and makes up 15% of body weight. An average of 300 million people have skin cells, and a total of approximately 1 billion skin microorganisms. The major role of skin bacteria in the health of your skin is to affect numerous skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis etc. The human intestines have distinct microbes from those on the skin. While very low or no oxygen is receiving from the gut microbiome a lot of oxygen-rich air is being exposed to the skin bacteria. However, in a number of scientific research their relationship was discovered.

Where a person has skin problems, whether it's rashes or unexplained acne from anywhere else, the balance of the intestinal microbiome also called Gut Dysbiosis can induce skin inflammation and hence adversely affect the skin.

"The most ignored aspect until now was SKIN - we have focussed on treating outside skin with different skin treatments, radiation therapies, creams, salts, lotions & even counterprobiotics and antibiotic products. Sushant Kumar, Founder and CHEO of Genefitletics comments, The health of the skin begins from inside. Like the intestines, our skin has its own microbiome interacting with our skin cells, creating a barrier against pathogens and external surroundings. The most exciting component is the interactions of these gut bacteria with skin germs and their significance in the health of the skin. The fundamental reason for a plethora of skin problems is an unbalanced stomach that leads to inflammation."

Up The Gut solution by Genefitletics gives an individual access to relevant knowledge into the effects of food ingested on his/her skin condition, how intestinal diversity may be improved, the intestinal microbiota balanced and what is beneficial and dangerous for his/her skin health.

Genefitletics helps its customers grow a better and balanced gut microbiota by consuming foods that are hungry for their microorganisms rather than by using faded diets that cause hazards to their intestines.