Fruzzanté launches premium honey mead brand Arkä

Fruzzanté launches premium honey mead brand Arkä

Hill Zill Wines Pvt. Ltd., makers of Fruzzanté, a unique effervescent alcoholic beverage, has developed Arkä, a premium honey mead brand.

It is prepared from honey harvested from beehives, which is then fermented and offered as mead, a beverage referenced in ancient texts dating all the way back to 100 BC. Currently present in Maharashtra, the brand will shortly expand to Goa and Karnataka. The premium line is priced at Rs 1,050 for the 375 ml bottle of Honey and Jamun and Rs 1,095 for the 375 ml bottle of Rose.

This dessert mead is made with wildflower honey, rose, and jamun berries. At the moment, three flavours are available: Honey, Rose, and Jamun. As with any other product, the line is comprised of items sourced locally in the region.

Priyanka Save, founder and director of Hill Zill Wines Pvt. Ltd., stated, "We are overjoyed to be able to offer the Arkä line to our clients." This is a premium mead prepared using honey derived from the finest produce. The word 'Arkä' translates as 'extract' in Sanskrit, and the product undergoes a natural process before being packaged commercially. Our promise has always been to provide high-quality produce while minimising environmental impact. Additionally, we collaborate with locals to ensure that their produce is used sustainably. We employed specialised corking that is carbon negative and incorporates micro-oxygenation to aid in the ageing process of the mead.”

PlantCorc technology is used to create the cork closure, which is composed of renewable plant-based polymers generated from sugarcane. These closures are more sustainable, emitting only 7 g CO2 equivalent per closure, and provide an improved overall look and feel. The bottles are packaged in eco-certified composite MDF with a formaldehyde content of less than 0.11 parts per million. Apart from being safe, this MDF is also extremely sustainable and environmentally beneficial, as it is made mostly from wood fibre, wood shavings, and other wood waste.

This eliminates waste and also ensures that a greater proportion of trees collected are used to make valued products, reducing pressure on our forests and ensuring long-term sustainable construction methods. Carbon sinks, MDF packaging options store enough carbon to offset the carbon footprint associated with their manufacturing.

Honey is a decadent dessert mead inspired by the wildflower honey found in the Sahyadri ranges' woodlands. It is defined by playful honey tones, citrus undertones, and floral notes. Mead is an ideal dessert for a special event or simply adds to the specialness of an occasion.

Rose is the epitome of luxury. The core of this beautiful dessert mead is red rose. As soon as you open the bottle, you are greeted with the delightful perfume of excellent Red Tea Roses. While sipping on the romantic interpretation of Rose Dessert Mead, the aroma transports you to the beautiful sight of rose gardens.

Jamun is manufactured from a fruit that is planted throughout the world but thrives in India's plantations. Although this tannic fruit is an integral component of agricultural life, it remains an unexplored gem in the world of stone fruits. It provides a velvety mouthfeel and a smooth finish to the Indian origins of Jamun Dessert Mead through barrel fermentation.

The company is focused on developing beverages for those who want to have an enjoyable drinking experience. The brand aspires to assist local farmers throughout Maharashtra by procuring directly from them and ensuring they receive their dues. Additionally, the business plans to expand its product line by adding varieties such as Orange and Spice Garden. Within the next five years, they hope to expand to all major metros and begin exporting Made in India wines.