Frost & Sullivan awards REE Automotive 2021 global EV platform

Frost & Sullivan awards REE Automotive 2021 global EV platform

Frost & Sullivan awards REE Automotive Ltd. (Nasdaq: 'REE') with its 2021 Global EV Platform Company's Year Award based on a recent review of the global automobile EV platform market.

In one single compact module, placed between the chassis and wheel, REEcorner technology packs important components of the vehicle (e.g. control, braking, suspension, motor and control) to enable fully-flap EV platforms. REE modular EV platforms are designed to provide increased payload capacity with additional capacity, flexibility and self-sufficiency in the transportation of passengers, goods and battery, and improved body design. In order to bring considerable value to the supplier of original equipment (OEMs) and logistics enterprises, e-commerce shops, mobile phones (MSPs) and mobility players, REE's EV platforms are designed to enable them to introduce new EV models quickly and at a reduced cost.

"Towards a compact space between the chassis and the wheel, a REE corner module is powered by x-by-wire technology. With front, rear and all-wheel drive possibilities and extensive moving by wiring, break-by-wire and steering-by-wire technology it guarantees better steering, breaking, suspension and moving capabilities," says Benny Daniel, FROST & Sullivan Vice President.

In order to enhance vehicle design flexibility and minimise maintenance cost, improve capabilities via over-the-air technology and interoperability with high-performance driver aid systems among other benefits, REE EV's REE-Technology-based platforms have been designed. The organisation is also ideally positioned to encourage sustainable activities with platforms aimed at fulfilling zero emission criteria.

The REE corner module design offers the ability to power modular electrical vehicles with large capacity, incorporating flexible battery and freight transit packing. These characteristics offer reduced overall ownership costs and quicker periods of development than standard EV chassis designs. The scalability of the platform makes it suited for a wide range of electrical systems, including commercial vehicles, MBS and Last Mile and logistics organisations.

"REE's interruptive technology may be adapted to a variety of target markets and uses. His REE corner technology is designed to make it possible for OEMs to build unique EV platforms while decreasing the time-to-market of new model products," said Norazah Bachok, Frost & Sullivan's best practises analysis. "In general, REE's modular and unique technology delivers sophisticated e-mobility services to its clients reinforces the leadership position of its corner modules sector."

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