Foodism to onboard 60% of home chefs by 2022

Foodism to onboard 60% of home chefs by 2022

Foodism, an Ahmedabad-based food-tech business, plans to onboard up to 60% of home chefs by 2022. The brand will launch a series of digital marketing aimed at home chefs, culinary professionals, and students.

It's worth noting here that home chefs gained enormous traction during the Covid-19 period. Indeed, the unorganised Indian food business, which accounts for 65% of the market, has benefited immensely from the meteoric development of home cooks and the cloud kitchen segment.

Additionally, since individuals have become more mindful and worried about their dietary intake and hygiene, the majority of Gen Z and millennials prefer food prepared at home rather than at regular restaurants.

At a time when home chefs are in high demand, the brand aims to open up unprecedented growth potential for this segment, thereby assisting home cooks in growing and excelling in the broader food ecosystem.

The brand recently joined with Nestle Milkmaid, White Rhino Beer Company, and Ace Photography to accomplish this goal. It is also preparing a number of digital promotions, including one for Independence Day featuring tricolor-inspired meals, another for World Photography Day featuring food plating with the greatest aesthetics, and another for a tie-up.

Instagram influencers will be present during live sessions for these campaigns, and the winners will receive one-of-a-kind and fascinating surprise presents.

“The Indian food technology business is flourishing right now, and home chefs, food-centric companies, cloud kitchens, and delivery partners are at the forefront of this revolutionary growth,” said Vyom Shah, founder and CEO of Foodism. What's more, the majority of these home chefs are female. Indeed, the 40:60 ratio of male to female home chefs demonstrates unequivocally that women are governing the new India.”

“At Foodism, we are also actively assisting home chefs in developing into empowered entrepreneurs in this new-age India. Our goal is to motivate like-minded food lovers and aficionados to exchange food recipes, secret or ancestral culinary masalas, and interesting food-related stories via a single platform,” Shah continued.

“By broadening our base, we are now preparing to diversify our portfolio by reaching out to a broader segment of the modern-day home chef community. To do this, we're launching a series of digital initiatives that will allow home chefs and other aspiring chefs to exhibit their skills while also gaining traction and earning incentives. Our official website currently has over 20,000 active users. Additionally, we are gradually redirecting all of our visitors to the Foodism app,” he said.