Exxon Mobil Super Moto launches engine oil for 2-wheelers

Exxon Mobil Super Moto launches engine oil for 2-wheelers

Mobil Super MotoTM engine oils have been enhanced by ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd to make it easier for users to keep their two-wheelers running smoothly. Now that people are still being affected by a pandemic, there is a greater demand than ever for value and convenience.

"India's two-wheeler segment is the largest in the world," said Deepankar Banerjee, CEO of ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd., in a statement on the launch. There will be an increased demand for personal transportation during the pandemic, and two-wheelers will be an important part of that demand because they are an affordable personal mobility alternative. It's easier for folks to keep their two-wheelers in top shape now that our new Mobil Super Moto line is made with synthetic technology and provides improved engine wear protection for extended engine life.

Mobil's Super MotoTM line of motorcycle and scooter engine oils has been updated to API SN, the industry's highest performance level. As a worldwide leader in synthetic engine oils since 2008, Mobil backs these engine oils with over 150 years of lubrication expertise. Additionally, all of the items are compatible with the most recent versions of the BSVI standard's engine.

In addition to Mobil Bike Care workshops and Mobil retail stores, the Mobil Super MotoTM line will be accessible on major online platforms like Amazon India, Flipkart, and GarageWorks.

With proven Mobil lubricant technology that meets the needs of Indian cars, Mobil lubricants and mechanics keep millions of vehicles running smoothly.