Eurofins Analytical Services to support agri commodities testing near farms & procurement markets

Eurofins Analytical Services to support agri commodities testing near farms & procurement markets

It has created a mobile residue monitoring laboratory to help farmers and exporters by providing faster and more accurate testing services close to fields and procurement markets. Eurofins Analytical Services India is a part of Eurofins Food and Feed Services.

Farmers and buyers/exporters might anticipate to reach national markets as a result of changes to agriculture-related laws, and thus they must act quickly to make purchases. Pesticide residues and toxins are a significant quality criterion when purchasing commodities for export. purchasers and exporters rely on nationally recognised laboratories for their testing needs at the moment. Samples are also submitted to reputable foreign labs like Eurofins for testing when MRLs are lower or destination country standards are stricter, such in the EU.

Changes in regulatory and business landscapes are requiring significant reductions in transaction time, so that farmers have more options to sell their products and sell to different buyers depending on the quality of their products. Buyers can take samples from the farmer and decide whether or not to buy.

Reducing sample transportation and analytical testing time is an important way to speed up this transaction. The turnaround time can be cut in half when the mobile residue monitoring lab is located near a significant mandi/farm area.

To test 500+ pesticide residues and screen for Aflatoxins and Ochratoxins in commodities, the mobile pesticide residues monitoring lab will be equipped with extremely sophisticated tools including LCMSMS, GCMSMS. The lab's focus will be on major export commodities including Basmati rice, cumin, chilli, and soya, in order to help farmers quickly assess the quality of their export-worthy products.

The mobile lab will be located near the mandi area and will let farmers analyse their harvest as quickly as possible without shipping samples to another city, which will benefit them by providing services at their doorstep.

Crops can also be analysed for up to 500 different types of pesticide residue. As a result, the farmer may determine immediately whether or not his product meets export standards and hence command a higher selling price. In addition, it will provide them with a broader range of contaminants to examine, such as Aflatoxins and Ochratoxins. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, the mobile lab will be more efficient than other types of labs in terms of turnaround time.

"Eurofins came out with mobile lab to acutely empower farmers by lowering the TAT (Turn Around Time)," stated APEDA Chairman M. Angamuthu, "which consequently aims to increase India's export capacity."

Because of this, breakthrough technology that can quickly analyse the quality of agri-produce and give dealers and exporters the information they need to make faster judgments are desperately needed. Amidst all of this, it is expected that the mobile lab would foster more creative approaches to preserving the high quality of exports and local trade in agricultural commodities For farmers and exporters, the lab will provide fast, accurate, and trustworthy analysis at the farm level.