Dr.Chitrakala Mohan to lead Freudenberg Training Centre

Dr.Chitrakala Mohan to lead Freudenberg Training Centre

Freudenberg encourages women to take advantage of diversity and move forward in their professional careers. An example of this is Dr. Chitrakala, an Indian electrical engineer who works at the Freudenberg Training Centre, Nagapattinam. The 39-year old earned a doctorate despite the pressure of society and is now a motivational speaker for her female students to strive for equality. She assumed the role of 'Head and Principal' at the Training Centre on August 1.

Both domestic chores and raising children are still considered traditional women's duties in India. Despite equal rights being guaranteed by law, vocational training and university attendance are not always within reach of most women. For those who are determined to earn an academic degree, perseverance and tenacity will be essential. Similar was the journey of Chitrakala Mohan (an engineer at the Freudenberg Training Centre in Nagapattinam). She recently assumed the management of the Training Centre, and it was a difficult journey to obtain a doctorate.

Chitrakala was the oldest child in a middle-class household. Her parents understood the importance of education in helping her to live an empowered life. To give their daughter the best start in her career, they invested in quality schools. The 39-year-old says, "Even then I was thrilled about technology." She began her studies in Madras in 1999. She began her professional career in engineering as a lecturer after graduating. Chitrakala says, "I wanted something to give back to my parents and to help them finance my education for my younger siblings." "From 2008, I was able to devote more time to my postgraduate studies on power electronics and drives."

Chitrakala, now married, has two children aged nine and six. She decided to pursue a PhD in 2016. She explains that being a married mother and having a job, as well as a PhD, requires navigating many obstacles. "But I was determined and with the support of my husband, I managed to cope well. She conducted research on multilevel-inverters for four and a quarter years. This was mostly done in the evenings. There were also many research trips. "We live in Nagapattinam, a small town. Chitrakala says, "Advancing my profession often meant being away home." In December 2020, she finally received the coveted PhD certificate. Dr. Chitrakala inspires women apprentices. She continued her teaching despite the Indian pandemic. She joined the Freudenberg Training Centre, Nagapattinam midway through her 2018 research. Freudenberg helps women realize their career goals and helped Chitrakala get her doctorate. The result was that the young Indian woman became a part-time teacher of natural sciences and electronics, which allowed her to do more scientific research. The Training Centre was established by Freudenberg in response to the 2004 tsunami. The Centre was established in 2004 to help young people get apprenticeships and prepare them for technical careers that will make a difference in their lives and the future of the country. The Centre offers theoretical and practical training for 120 to 120 young people every year. It is similar to the German vocational training system. Over 700 youth have been trained professionally to begin their careers as electricians, welders, fitters and mechanics (motor vehicle).

The training program has been a huge success over the years and is now certified by the National Council for Vocational Training. This organization is well-known throughout India for its strict standards. She explains, "I also had an incredible role model." Abdul Kalam, our former president, is the one thing I'd like to pass on to my students. He said, "Dream, Dream, Dream!" Dreams can be transformed into thoughts, and thoughts lead to action. "I love getting young people passionate about technology," Chitrakala explains. She says that the number of girls attending classes is increasing. "I am proud to work in a company that is committed to equal opportunities. Freudenberg Management Board Member Esther Loidl and Chief Human Resources Officer, agree with the Indian national. "Diversity in action around the globe is a major strength at Freudenberg," she said. We benefit as a company in the way we help women develop their professional potential. Georg Graf, Freudenberg Group's Regional Representative for India, also felicitated Chitrakala. He said, "The Freudenberg Training Centre Nagapattinam is an example of our Freudenberg Values." FTC, under Dr. Chitrakala's leadership, will help to shape many more lives of students and provide vocational training and life skills that will lead to a better future.