Dive into the mesmerizing experience of the Maldives

What do you think about the Maldives initially? A string of perls spread over the deep blue Industrial Ocean throughout the equator? But what about the lovely atolls, white glittering beaches, turquoise lakes, clear, warm waters, coral reefs full of marine flora and fauna? Well, we can guarantee you, however, that there is far more in the Maldives than in the sight. Known for its beauty and magnificent resorts, the Maldives is not confined, but is popular with couples and HNIs. Maldives welcomes all of you with plenty of accommodation alternatives, from liveaboards and inns to hotels and resorts. In the Maldives, you can experience your life with tailored itineraries that match your individual sense and taste of travelling in couples, families with children or groups larger than yourself. The island nation has made planning holidays in the Maldives a piece of cake with the reduction of travel limits for Indian travellers from 15 July 2021. So immerse yourself in an adventurous and wonderful holiday to explore the magical world of the Maldives:


You can wake up to the colourful world of fish and corals rather than waking to the sun on your face. And this is not just about your rooms; in the Maldives there are restaurants, spas, and even clubs to make your holidays more special, pleasant and valuable. The unique experience of Maldives allows customers to enjoy their meals under the glass arch of sea life. Don't you think, incredible?


Swim alongside dolphins, turtles, shark and manta rays in a first deep-flight in the globe and glide over the vast shoals of colourful fish over coral formations. When immersed in the water, your personal cockpit's dome appears to vanish and immers you in an experience of 360 degrees in the ocean.


Since Maldives were discovered as a diving destination, the multitude of intoxicating colours and varied underwater living have attracted divers and snorkelers. You may even register for a fluorescent night dive or snorkel – a special mask and UV light that lets coral and other species shine — for an experience once a day. Witnessing aquatic life in neon colours is a weird and unforgettable experience.


The Maldives is one of the few sites in the world where you can almost certainly witness these gorgeous animals during your scuba diving excursion. Maldives visitors can use the plankton-rich marine-protected environment to swim alongside manta rays and even whale sharks. However, there is no method to explore the Maldives for scuba divers rather than liveboarders. While you lose yourself in a school of big manta rays, you are bound to feel fascinating and share your space with whale sharks - the world's largest mammal.

If you can't convince you to visit Maldives with assured whale hair sightings, underwater flying and an immersed eating experience, there will be some more reasons for your walking.


You can choose from lots if you want a private resort on a small island or cruise aboard a yacht. The largest hotel brands, family-friendly resorts, resorts for divers and environmental resorts can also be selected. Some of the farthest islands are some of the best destinations for a family getaway on the Maldives. You will find outstanding children's clubs and a lot of fun.


One of the most interesting and indisputably exclusive events of all islands at your disposal. A private island. These natural treasures can be the ideal way to restart in style remotely, unchartedly, unconstrained and in many circumstances inaccessible. It's an emblematic site for a romantic getaway because of its perfect jaw-droping beauty. Private baths, lounge chairs, lagoon side dinners at a quiet dock is pure paradise. The water is incredibly beautiful. Each stylish villa in the water is a very private sanctuary with enormous swimming-pools, island flare and a unique environment.


A blend of tastes from countries in the Indian Ocean and a significant degree of influence from a distinct atmosphere, the Maldivian cuisine delivers some of the region's best cuisines. As the Maldives are largely seafood, fish are a crucial part of many of his culinary pleasures. Coconut is another important element in Maldives cuisine that is embodied in various forms, such as milk, oil or sprinkled cocoa. The traditional Maldive food offers a cornucopia of flavours, and is often sweet or mild and is cooked utilising generations of ancient traditions. Since Maldives is one of the biggest tourist resorts throughout the country, travellers can pick from a wide range of cuisine alternatives, including crunchy snacks, road food, wood-cooked chapati bread and exquisite sweet curries. The cuisine experience on the Maldives satisfies every taste and diet!

The Maldives is well-known for its opulent attractions, but it also has a different and unique aspect with wonderful adventures, beauty, culture and people that will satisfy your personal need for excitement and discovery holistically. So, when's the Sunny Side of Life visiting?