Convenience store chain 24Seven launches plant-based sausages made by BVeg Foods

Convenience store chain 24Seven launches plant-based sausages made by BVeg Foods

In another development for the burgeoning 'smart protein' category, 24Seven, India's first and only 24-hour convenience store chain with over 91 locations across Delhi/NCR and Chandigarh, has announced the launch of plant-based hot dogs and sausages in collaboration with New Delhi-based plant-based meat manufacturer BVeg Foods.

Even during the Navratri holiday season, those seeking a delectable meaty delicacy will be able to indulge in these 100 percent vegetarian sausages that have the flavour of a non-vegetarian sausage. The sausages will be placed alongside their conventional animal meat counterparts in supermarkets, in accordance with global best practises for the sector.

Plant-based meats are the next wave of food innovation, consisting completely of plant-based ingredients such as pea protein and coconut oil but exactly resembling animal meat in taste, smell, and sizzle. They go far beyond traditional soya nuggets or mock meats, and thus provide non-vegetarians with an easy transition that is far more beneficial to the environment in terms of land, water, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to public health, as they do not increase the risk of antibiotic resistance and zoonotic diseases such as swine flu and avian flu. This is especially critical in nations like India, where meat consumption is predicted to skyrocket in the next decades as earnings rise. The Indian government's policy think tank, Niti Aayog, has identified that many Indian cities will run out of water by 2030 and that climate resilience is a country-wide existential requirement.

The relationship between 24Seven and BVeg Foods, a firm that aims to be a one-stop shop for plant-based meats – from new product development through production, packaging, and labelling – is the consequence of a shared vision and philosophy. The goal is to provide consumers with sustainable and high-quality food while also contributing to environmental pollution reduction and the development of a healthy food ecosystem for the future.

"24Seven has always stayed current with trends while keeping to its core values of convenience, health, and delectability. Continuing this tradition, we are entering a completely new product category. You may now get a plant-based hotdog at any of our 78 locations in Delhi NCR, and they will soon be available in the Tri-City area as well. We are convinced that this sector will experience explosive expansion in the near future, and 24Seven intends to be a pioneer in this enormous market. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with BVeg Foods and to expanding the variety of products available in this category," stated Samir Modi, MD of 24Seven.