Continued recovery in domestic passenger traffic in Jul'21 with a sequential growth of 56-57%

Continued recovery in domestic passenger traffic in Jul'21 with a sequential growth of 56-57%

Domestic passenger traffic grew by 56-57% to approximately 48-49 lakh in August, compared to 31.1 lakh in June 2021. Signifying a Y/o/Y growth of 132%. July 2021 saw a capacity deployment of 90% by the airlines, compared to July 2021. July 2020 (47,200 departures per July 2021, in comparison to 24,770 departures per July 2020). As per the data analysis sequentially, July 2021 saw a 49% increase in departure.

Ms. Kinjal Shah Vice President and Co-Group Head, ICRA says, "For July 20,21, the average daily departures have been at 1,500, which is significantly higher than the average daily departures 800 in July 2020 and 1,100 respectively in June 2019. 2021, even though it remains below 2,000 in April 2021. The July average passenger flight count 2021 was 104. This compares to an average of just 98 passengers per flight for June 2021. The recovery did not stop in July 2021. There will be continued stress on the demand. This is due largely to the second round of the pandemic. Only travel that is necessary, and not for pleasure or business. These restrictions are in place despite declining infections.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, MoCA, allowed gradual increase in domestic capacity. With effect from May 25, 2020 at 33%, and December 03, 2020 at 80%, the percentage has been reduced to 33%. However, it decreased the The resurgence will allow for 50% permissible capacity to be deployed starting in June 2021. the pandemic's second wave. This has allowed the increase to 65% effective from July 5th. 2021, effective until July 31, 2021.

The Vande initiative has caused the suspension of international operations to continue until August 31, 2021. Bharat Mission for Evacuation of Indian Citizens from Foreign Countries (VBM), which began May 7, 2020. International passenger traffic (inbound/outbound) for Indian airlines was 39 lakh in May 07/2020 to July 31/2021. The VBM accounted for the international passenger trafic of Indian airlines in July 2021. Estimated at 2.1 lakh, with a sequential increase of 43%.

ATF price were lower in February 2021 than April 2021 and May 2021. Prices were higher in 2021 than they were in June 2021, July 2021, and July 2021 on a YoY basis. August 2021 saw prices rise 55.3% on Yo-o-Y, due to the low base. August 2020, when the price of food dropped by 30.5% Y/O due to the pandemic.