Choosing the right nutritional products for kids in post Covid era

Choosing the right nutritional products for kids in post Covid era

Generations were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. While health remained the primary concern for all age groups as the epidemic wrecked havoc, children suffered disproportionately. Mental health decline, bad eating, more screen time, and a lack of social contact are just a few of the negatives, and there appears to be no end in sight.

According to research, growing children rely greatly on nutritional intakes to survive. This necessitates the selection of a nutritionally balanced meal. However, children can be sensitive and fickle when it comes to their taste buds; more greens, more tantrums. With the'stay at home' trend certain to continue for the foreseeable future, children are looking for variety and taste in their meals. It has developed into a point of engagement for them. While grabbing a juice box is convenient, healthful meals require more effort.

Despite their best efforts, children may be deficient in minerals and vitamins during their formative years. Additionally, a child's body will not react the same way as an adult's does to products intended for adults. As a result, it becomes critical for companies to conduct thorough study prior to growing their food offering. With so many items available, it might be difficult to choose the best ones for your child. And as parents, we recognise that this is a 'no white flag' zone.

This National Dietary Week in 2021, below is a list of products that would satisfy a child's 24-hour nutrition requirement:

Vitamins, Vitality, and Victory: Begin your child's day with a regular vitamin supplement. NutriBears Daily Multivitamin Gummies contain 11 vital vitamins, including A, B, C, D, and zinc. And you won't have to worry about their palates, as they come in delectable lemonade and strawberry flavours for Rs 299.

Nutritional Support: Nutrients are required for normal growth and development. They are a match made in heaven for bridging the nutritional divide in growing children and overcoming poor eating habits. Pour it into a smoothie or combine it with milk. Modicare's Strong and Smart Under its Well line is a nutritious drink mix with a balanced nutritional profile. Furthermore, what is there? It provides 37 essential elements to your child, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, DHA, and colostrum. At Rs 635, you can build stamina and immunity while enjoying a chocolate flavour.

Millet Mania: Add a tablespoon of chocolate to their breakfast. What's stopping your child from having a morning swirl when Soulfull Ragi Bites offers chocolate in a maida- and preservative-free bowl of wholesomeness? Allow your child to carry the goodness of calcium, fibre, and ragi for Rs 233.

When the clock strikes twelve o'clock, mood fluctuations frequently coincide with the midday light. Dress up their savoury slurp with natural herbs as as Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shalaki, Mulethi, and Turmeric with Iyurved Kids Daily Nutrition Savoury Spread. Allow your child's imagination to run free as they experiment with their spread; pizza, roti, idli, and cheela, the possibilities are endless for Rs 499.