CEO FSSAI is appellate authority under advertising & claims regulations

CEO FSSAI is appellate authority under advertising & claims regulations
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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has approved an appeal process for the 'Claims Approval Procedure' under the Advertising and Claims Regulations and named the FSSAI's Chief Executive Officer as the Appellate Authority.

Food enterprises whose applications for claim approval have been denied may appeal the decision to the CEO FSSAI.

The decree states, "The competent Authority has approved that the CEO FSSAI shall serve as the Appellate Authority with respect to claims approval applications and their review procedure."

Additionally, the ruling states that the Chairperson FSSAI would serve as the 'Reviewing Authority' for the purpose of approving claims under the Advertising and Claims Regulations 2018.

The directive continued, "In the event that a claim for approval is denied, food firms may appeal to the Appellate Authority within 30 days of receipt of the denial letter."

Additionally, FBOs may petition the Chairperson FSSAI for a review within 30 days of the Appellate Authority's rejection, in which case the Chairperson's decision shall be final.

In September 2019, the FSSAI published a notice outlining the procedure for approving food product claims, as well as the application fee.

The FSSAI established an Expert Committee on Claims to examine and assess health claims, specifically illness risk reduction claims and other similar claims made in ads.

FBOs may submit an application with a fee of Rs 50,000 in the form of a demand draught for approval of up to three claim statements for a product or ingredient in a product.