Burgrill India and Greenest Foods introduce the Green Meat Pounder

Burgrill India and Greenest Foods introduce the Green Meat Pounder

As part of a partnership with Greenest Foods, Burgrill India, a restaurant known for serving gourmet grilled burgers and other nutritious options, launches The Green Meat Pounder. It is the first QSR chain in India to provide plant-based beef burgers to its customers with this debut. This new service has the potential to transform the total non-vegetarian fast-food industry's consumption patterns.

The Green Meat Pounder's nutritional value will be on par with that of animal-based meat, and it will be even better for the environment as a whole. Soy protein isolate, chickpea protein, a plant-based fibre blend, and more are used in the plant-based burger ingredients to give it the scent and flavour of chicken.

According to Burgrill India's co-founder and head of marketing, Shreh Madan, "We are happy to finally present the Green Meat Pounder for our consumers." he continues. We have been working diligently on this launch for over a year and are quite confident about it. From selecting the best ingredients to ensuring our patty is the proper texture and degree of tenderness and juiciness before it is grilled to order for our customers. We experimented with a number of plant-based beef burger recipes before settling on this one, which Greenest Foods crafted specifically for us. While it's been a goal of ours since the beginning, I'm thrilled to finally be able to announce the launch of The Green Meat Pounder for our vegetarian customers.

In his words: "Healthy, delectable, and on par with any non-vegetarian burger in terms of taste and flavour, i.e, in sync with our staple dishes. The green meat patty will be grilled to order in accordance with our company concept of delivering fresh, wholesome, and above all healthy solutions. A fast-growing and environmentally sensitive audience was our goal with the introduction of The Green Meat Pounder. We're raising the bar on gourmet burgers like our healthy burgers, both for dine-in and delivery customers. The prices will be reasonable, and the quality will be on par with other Burgrill's famous pounders.

With Greenest Foods, we have discovered a partner who shares our passion for indigenous brands and understands the demands of our customers. They came up with a product that's packed with nutrients and meets the strictest food safety requirements. The Green Meat Pounder will first be available in the Delhi-National Capital Region (District). We will, however, introduce it to additional markets after we understand our viewers' reactions to it."

"We are pleased to deliver the plant-based meat experience to Burgrill patrons," says Greenest Foods CEO Gaurav Sharma about the partnership. Indians may now consume the Green Meat Pounder, India's first plant-based chicken burger, whether they're vegan or not. The taste, juiciness and texture of a chicken burger are accurately replicated, but it's also more better for the environment and people than regular beef burgers. It's also cheaper than its chicken cousin, making it easier for consumers to move from a meat-heavy to a plant-based diet. "