Britannia partners with Accenture to accelerate its digital transformation

Britannia partners with Accenture to accelerate its digital transformation

Through a complete digital transformation programme, Accenture assisted Britannia Industries, India's largest bakery foods company with operations in over 80 countries, in accelerating innovation, capturing value, and improving the customer and supplier experience.

As partners on the brand's digital journey, SAP S/4HANA was used to design, build, and deploy a technological solution. The new system improved data visibility and accessibility throughout the organisation, enabling a more sophisticated use of automation and analytics to inform business decisions.

The enterprise-wide initiative aims to modernise Britannia's business model through the digitization of critical services and procedures, enabling the company to respond more quickly to changing market trends. This project will optimise procurement and supply chain management for Britannia's extensive network of suppliers by leveraging SAP Ariba solutions to accelerate digital onboarding, contract management, and procurement procedures.

The corporation can drastically decrease IT operations expenses and free up money for innovation and growth efforts by digitising more than 80 industrial units and 50 warehouses. By implementing more effective business processes across production, finance, sales, and supply chain management, the system will help the organisation optimise inventory, increase product availability, and increase labour efficiency.

Britannia's executive director and chief financial officer, N. Venkataraman, stated, "Despite the difficult business environment over the last year, we have seen consistent increase in our business performance." Britannia is committed to expanding into new product categories in order to meet consumer expectations and achieve our goal of entering a new market each year.”

“We believe that Accenture's help for our digital transformation will be critical in enabling us to build our business at a rapid pace and scale through data-driven insights and operational efficiencies,” he added.

“Technology is a vital facilitator for company leaders aiming to identify and respond to growing customer and market demands,” said Manish Gupta, managing director and head for Accenture's Products practise in India. By transforming Britannia's core operations, we contributed to the development of a digital backbone that benefits the company's entire value chain of suppliers, retailers, and partners, while also laying the groundwork for future innovation and growth opportunities in today's integrated marketplace.”