Britannia launches My Startup Season 3.0

Britannia launches My Startup Season 3.0

Britannia Marie Gold's My Startup programme, now in its third iteration, has been expanded to assist homemakers in leveraging the Internet to grow their enterprises. This comes on the heels of a poll conducted by Britannia and Momspresso that revealed that 77% of homemakers interested in starting their own businesses view technology as an enabler. November 5 is the deadline for online entries.

Britannia, citing the highlights of the Indian Homemakers' Entrepreneurship Report 2021, indicated that 62% of homemakers have goals and desires to start their own business. The key motivations for these homemakers aspiring to start their own business are a desire for financial independence (60%) and the capacity to contribute financially to the family (53%).

To help them achieve these goals, participants will get access to a Google-provided set of digital skill-building resources. According to Britannia, these digital resources are available in six languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, and English.

Vinay Subramanyam, vice-president, marketing, Britannia Industries, commented on the season's highlights and the launch of the Britannia Marie Gold My Startup contest 2021, "Marie Gold is a brand that has an intimate link with India's homemakers." We applaud them for their courage.

Every family has an emotional anchor and a go-to person. We are adamant that the country's progress is founded on the contributions and sacrifices of the homemaker.”

“Britannia Marie Gold recognises the growing inner desires of homemakers to maximise their potential and is devoted to provide the 'daily fuel' for homemakers in this bid,” he added. That is why we are delighted to announce the publication of the third edition of Britannia Marie Gold My Startup. We are thrilled to cooperate with Google this time around to assist homemakers in using technology to improve market access, develop their customer base, and access finance and other resources. We truly believe that by working together, we can be the wind beneath the wings of every 'homepreneur' out there.”

Sapna Chadha, Google's senior marketing director for India and South-East Asia, commented on the partnership with Britannia, saying, "Opportunity and inclusiveness are at the heart of everything we do at Google." We have assisted millions of women in India in leveraging digital tools to generate income and livelihoods through our products and programmes, and we know that empowering women to embrace entrepreneurial opportunities through digital has a transformative effect on them and their families, the community, and the local economy. We are glad to offer our digital skill development resources to prospective female entrepreneurs participating in Britannia's critical initiative and wish them every success.”

Britannia was a two-season success, providing funding and skill development to Indian homemakers embarking on business endeavours. By 2020, the initiative will have equipped 10,000 homemakers with fundamental communication skills, financial literacy through access to information and communication technology (ICT), and microentrepreneurial skills for social and economic self-sufficiency.