BridgeUp, launches India's first trading platform for recurring revenue

BridgeUp, launches India's first trading platform for recurring revenue

To help SaaS and recurring revenue startups get access to funding, BridgeUp launched its subscription financing platform today, making it the most cost-effective option available. BridgeUp is the first platform of its type in India and Asia-Pacific to allow enterprises with recurring revenue to convert their monthly or quarterly subscriptions into their annual value in cash up-front. BridgeUp treats subscriptions as a new asset class.

BridgeUp's trading platform has experienced rapid uptake from companies with recurring income streams looking to fund their expansion without debt or dilution in the first week after the introduction of their product. BridgeUp's trading platform has already generated over $3 million in tradable revenue from many enterprises.

They've been in contact with a number of investors and are close to concluding a funding round. BridgeUp is the first company in India and Asia-Pacific to offer such services to its consumers. Investors can access alternative investments in the form of highly predictable, repeatable income-generating assets similar to fixed-income products through BridgeUp's marketplace platform, which acts as an intermediary between financial institutions and companies that offer SaaS and recurring revenue services. Investors can also access capital at the most competitive market clearing price through BridgeUp's investor partners.

According to the SaaSBOOMi & McKinsey analysis, revenues in India from only SaaS companies are predicted to expand at a CAGR of 51% to an astounding $75 Billion by 2025, capturing 19% of worldwide demand for all software goods. Technology's future is being written right now in India. Creating companies that change the face of technology is something we are capable of, and as recent events have shown, we can do it all from within India. BridgeUp CEO Zeus Dhanbhoora adds, "BridgeUp is well-equipped to support these enterprises." Zeus says.

Companies in the SaaS, Telecom, Edtech, Insurance, and entertainment industries are all part of the brand's target market. Non-SaaS vertical markets are also gaining pace, adds BridgeUp COO Jahangir Panday, including direct-to-consumer (D2C) subscriptions, OTT platforms, and service-based enterprises.

It was reported that the funding platform would be distributed via a strategic agreement with SaaS Insider to create a new fundraising method for startups with recurring revenue. It means our creators will be able to seek financing without putting their companies in debt and manage their cash flow more effectively, both of which are critical to their growth plans, according to SaaS Insider's founder, Chameli Kuduva.