Blue Tribe launch plant-based chicken and pork sausages

Blue Tribe launch plant-based chicken and pork sausages

After months of research and development, Blue Tribe, the food-tech firm reimagining meat consumption, has settled on healthy plant-based chicken and pork sausages.

The products contain a high concentration of pea protein, fibre, Vitamin B12, and contain no cholesterol. The brand previously introduced plant-based chicken keema and chicken nuggets and has already developed a strong following among non-vegetarians.

From renal calcification to oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction, the rising carbon dioxide concentration in the air offers grave health hazards. Between 2020 and 2050, worldwide meat demand is expected to increase by 40% to 100%, releasing at least 5-10 GT CO2 to the atmosphere. This is where the revolutionary nature of Blue Tribe's plant-based food products shines through. These goods are loaded with 100 percent proteins and nutrients derived from vegetables and pulses and also contribute significantly to regenerating the Earth's environment. The brand's mission is to inspire meat eaters to adopt a plant-based lifestyle by providing them with products that are nutritionally equivalent, have a similar flavour and feel, and are guilt-free.

Sandeep Singh, co-founder of Blue Tribe, stated on this occasion, "In addition to our plant-based chicken nuggets and chicken keema, customers can now taste and enjoy plant-based chicken and pork sausages." We have received incredible traction and love from our customers thus far, and we are constantly striving to improve.”

“Today, we are so absorbed in our lives that it's difficult to say no to our non-vegetarian food cravings. Indeed, including high-protein foods such as chicken breast and mutton is critical for health. However, widespread consumption is wreaking havoc on the natural equilibrium. That is why we introduced plant-based goods using cutting-edge food technology, ensuring that consumers do not have to sacrifice taste or quality, and the Earth has space to breathe and rejuvenate,” he continued.

Blue Tribe is pursuing business models based on DTC and HORECA and has already gained significant traction in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, and Chennai. Additionally, the brand intends to extend its presence in Indore and Jaipur.