Billroth Hospitals launches Liver Transplant Centre

Billroth Hospitals launches Liver Transplant Centre

Billroth Super Speciality Hospitals, one of the city's leading hospitals, recently performed a successful liver transplant on a 62-year-old man.

This also marks the establishment of the hospital's Liver Transplant Centre. Thiru. Ma. Subramanian, Tamil Nadu's Hon'ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, recently inaugurated the centre. Thiru M.K Mohan, Anna Nagar Constituency, Chennai, was also present on the occasion.

Cirrhosis was diagnosed in the patient from Bengaluru as a result of Hepatitis B infection. He was identified as having Hepato Cellular Carcinoma (primary liver cancer). Dr. Elankumaran, Liver Transplant Surgeon, continues, "The patient was examined for the severity of Cirrhosis and we determined that he was a candidate for a liver transplant." Because the family of a brain dead patient was willing to donate organs, this patient was referred for deceased donor liver transplantation. The patient was then transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) for post-operative care, where he received immunosuppressive medications and was monitored for infection. Following the transplant, his liver functions returned to normal, and he was discharged on the fifth day.”

When a patient is diagnosed with end-stage liver cirrhosis or cancer, liver transplantation is the best option. Not only does the transplant cure the cancer, but it also prevents recurrence. The need for liver transplantation in India is approximately 25,000 cases per year (both living and cadaver), but the current capacity is approximately 2,000 cases per year. Appropriate diagnosis and intervention can help avoid death.

Dr. Elankumaran, who has performed over 1,700 liver transplants in his career, will lead the Liver Diseases and Transplantation centre. Additionally, the team will include highly qualified surgeons such as Drs. Sugi Subramaniam, Sivaraj, and Sankar Narayanan, as well as anaesthetists such as Drs. Kulaseharan, Hari Balakrishnan, Dr. Rengarajan, and Dr. Suresh. Expert post-operative care combined with a well-equipped infrastructure results in a more rapid and safe recovery. To ensure the best possible outcomes for liver transplant patients, an expert and well-trained team of nurses, post-operative care specialists, and paramedics assists in the recovery process.

Billroth Hospitals, which began operations in 1990 with a 30-bed facility, has grown to a 350-bed multi-specialty facility located in two prime locations throughout the city. The Billroth Institute of Gastroenterology (BIG) is one of South India's oldest and finest gastroenterology departments. Under one roof, the team of highly skilled professionals in Luminal Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition manages close to 100 walk-ins, 25 procedures, and surgeries per day and claims to have managed over 5 lakh patients to date. It was founded by Dr. V. Jeganathan, a legendary gastroenterologist who practised for nearly three decades. Today, it has established itself as one of the best gastroenterology and hepatology hospitals in Chennai. Its Liver Clinic provides comprehensive care for all types of liver diseases, from medical management to liver transplantation.

“We are proud to say that Billroth Super Speciality Hospitals in Chennai city employ the most experienced and well-trained gastroenterologists at the Billroth Institute of Gastroenterology (BIG). The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a severe organ shortage. As a result, a large number of patients were placed on waitlists for elective surgeries, and many hospitals halted transplants beginning in March of last year, when the pandemic struck. Patients awaiting organ transplants in Chennai hospitals had to wait longer due to the inability of transplants to resume due to the high viral load caused by COVID-19.

Factors such as determining the donors' COVID status, the risk of recipients contracting an infection during or after the transplant, and ensuring a safe operating environment also played a critical role. Organ transplantation has been harmed by the pandemic. Demand has increased, and donors have become scarce. On average, approximately 400 people in the state wait for cadaver livers each year. Hundreds of patients wait for donors and eventually die as a result of their inability to obtain an organ. Other patients awaiting kidney, heart, and lung transplantation are also in peril,” says Dr. Rajesh Jeganathan, Chairman and Managing Director of Billroth Hospitals.

Despite an acute organ shortage, Billroth Hospitals continued to treat patients with strict infection control measures throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. “People from all walks of life who have digestive or liver problems can walk into the Billroth Institute of Gastroenterology and receive the best care at an affordable price.

The hospital is equipped with the most advanced diagnostics and techniques available in the industry and is backed by an established expert panel of doctors capable of handling complex cases,” he adds.

The newly established "Liver Transplant Unit" at Billroth Hospitals offers the following services: liver transplantation, round-the-clock trained hepatologists. Comprehensive 24-hour care for liver diseases and complications, state-of-the-art liver intensive care unit, liver dialysis, advanced liver cancer treatment, trans-arterial chemoembolisation, radiofrequency ablation, and trans-arterial radioembolisation.

Dr. Shrilekha Venkatesan, Medical Superintendent, Billroth Hospitals, comments on the launch of the Liver Transplant Center, "The Transplant Center will be an addition to the pre-existing 'BIG' (Billroth Institute of Gastroenterology), with advanced infrastructure and equipment." As a pioneer in the healthcare industry, we believe that with the proper infrastructure and expertise, the hospital will continue to provide more high-quality healthcare services.”