Bajaj Electricals introduces new range of mixer grinders

Bajaj Electricals introduces new range of mixer grinders

A new line of high-performance and convenient mixer grinders from India's leading consumer durables firm, Bajaj Electricals, is now available to assist consumers prepare delicious foods for friends and family over the forthcoming festive season.

Four variants are included in the new line to meet the varying culinary needs of Southern India. The Herculo, Splendora, GX 3000, and GX 400 Duo models all include the most up-to-date technological features that make cooking a breeze.

Four more models have been added to the lineup. Unlike other mixer grinders, the Herculo Mixer Grinder has a powerful motor that makes even severe grinding simple. Because it can grind hard materials for an extended period of time without breaking down, it ensures perfect consistency quickly. Consumers that take great care in cooking food from scratch with only the freshest and healthiest ingredients would benefit most from this product.

Anti-stain, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral coatings protect the Splendora Mixer Grinder, which also boasts a strong motor. Easy maintenance is made possible by the anti-stain coating, which removes even the harshest stains, like turmeric.

With a 750-watt Titan Motor and 20 percent thicker blades than typical, the GX 3000 Mixer Grinder is a strong 750-watt model. Blades with a greater thickness lower the product's vulnerability to wear and tear and increase its lifespan.

For added convenience, the GX 400 Duo Mixer Grinder comes with two separate chutney jars (0.3L and 0.5L). It, too, has a 750W Titan motor. Traditional mixer grinders only have a single chutney container; however, this new type comes with two, allowing the user to do more in less time. This makes food preparation more convenient.

All four models are designed to meet the different needs of Indian consumers in a comprehensive way. The launch of these four new products is part of a larger strategy to expand the company's footprint and customer base in the southern states.

According to Krishna Raman, Bajaj Electricals' business head for consumer products, "We believe in creating products that are functional and solution-oriented to improve the quality of life of our customers. South India has a wide variety of cuisines, and each one necessitates a different set of cooking tools to be executed to perfection. When it comes to mixing and grinding tough ingredients, thicker blades for durability, stain-resistant coatings, or blend-and-carry formats, we've made sure that no matter what type of recipe you're using or how skilled you are as a consumer, each unique requirement is met with our new mixer grinders range. Consumer appliances pioneer Haier has made it a priority to develop better, more functional goods, which has allowed us to retain our position as the number one choice for Indian customers.