Avni launches plant-based menstrual hygiene products

Avni launches plant-based menstrual hygiene products

Avni, a holistic menstruation care start-up, has introduced a new line of plant-based menstrual hygiene products, including a bio enzyme period wear liquid cleaner, menstrual cup wash, and antibacterial intimate wipes. The brand has been attempting to dispel myths about menstruation and the use of cloth-based sanitary pads.

Avni Wash for Period Clothing

The newly launched cleaner is India's first 100 percent plant-based liquid wash that is specifically formulated to successfully combat period blood stains and body fluid odour. It contains a blend of plant-based surfactants, bio enzymes, and green tea to safeguard your period pantyliners, cloth pads, and cloth pads. The non-acidic, non-caustic, and non-bleach wash produces no hazardous effluents and is packaged in recycled materials.

Menstrual Cup Wash Avni

A liquid wash made entirely of plants that may be used to wash and clean menstruation cups. The wash contains no smell and is completely safe for the silicone-based cup. The wash will be accompanied with India's first antimicrobial cloth wipe, which will be used to clean the menstrual cups following the wash.

Antibacterial Intimate Wipes Avni

The product is constructed entirely of natural biodegradable fibres and is alcohol-free. Gynecologist-approved, these wipes are filled with pH-balanced aloe vera, vitamin-E, and tea tree extracts. These wipes are anti-rashes, anti-allergy, and anti-infective.

The start-up is committed to reinventing traditional Indian menstrual care procedures. The business offers well-researched, innovative, and tried-and-true solutions to aid women's hygiene during periods that have been investigated using traditional Indian methodologies.

“For years, commercial corporations have vilified the usage of cotton pads and other hygiene items. However, the notion that cloth-based pads are unsanitary or hazardous is a complete myth. On the contrary, clean cloth-based pads are chemical-free, gentle on the skin, and safe for women and the environment. We are attempting to raise awareness and provide women with a more realistic option. With the launch of these new products, we anticipate that cloth pad usage will increase and Avni will establish itself as a travel companion for women,” said Sujata Pawar, Founder, Avni.

Simultaneously, the business has been attempting to raise awareness about period care. Additionally, it created India's first 24-hour period care helpline, which is accessible by WhatsApp, phone, and SMS.