Autobot and Cell Propulsion partners to offer customized solutions for EV companies

Autobot and Cell Propulsion partners to offer customized solutions for EV companies

In the EV market there is a revolutionary and growing turnkey solution provider called Autobot India. It was recently announced that Autobot Academy had signed a memorandum of understanding with Cell Propulsion, a company that develops solutions for large-scale electrification of commercial vehicle fleets, to deliver the world's first blended learning platform for EV technology. The goal of the partnership is to create a large community of Indian specialists in a variety of electrical vehicle (EV) applied sciences.

The idea behind the cooperation is to become self-sufficient and so cover the current gap in the EV market. OEMs and automakers would be able to benefit from a wide range of advantages and receive tailored alternatives based on their specific needs. The association will be beneficial in three key areas: improving abilities and exchanging data, building functionality, and creating a pool of expertise.

"We're pleased to associate with Cell Propulsion," said Autobot Academy Founder Ashwini Tiwary. It is via this unique partnership that we will bring together our strengths, while Cell Propulsion will lend their technological know-how to benefit the trade participants. Our efforts are also in line with the Hon'ble Prime Minister's Make in India agenda. While making the country self-sufficient in electric vehicles and equipment, we also hope to provide technical consultation and assistance to other like-minded organisations.

"This is a unique cooperation with Autobot India through which we hope to assist them in capability improvement and capability building for the Indian EV market," said Cell Propulsion Founder Nakul Kukar. For all Indian EV companies, I am confident that their learning platform would help create an enormous expertise pool of associated skills."

Autobot India expects to work with customers in the electric vehicle industry on numerous projects in the future. The automotive industry is currently undergoing a technological disruption, and the longer term prospects for companies who successfully adapt to this change will be bright. Autobot India's vertical, the Autobot Academy, aims to build a platform for the provision of specialised and customised packages that meet business requirements and help them prepare for this transformation.