Athletes invited to sign the Olympic Truce Mural

Athletes invited to sign the Olympic Truce Mural
Picture Courtesy : IOC
Athletes invited to sign the Olympic Truce Mural

Officials and athletes participating in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 2020 will be encouraged sign the Olympic Truce Mural at the Olympic Village to show support for the Olympic Truce.

Today, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Tokyo 2020 and the IOC Vice Presidents inaugurated the Mural at the Olympic Village Plaza. Also present were the outgoing members from the IOC Athletes Commission, Tokyo 2020 Village Mayor KAWABUCHI Saburo and President HASHIMOTO Seiko of Tokyo 2020 and Governor of Tokyo, KOIKEYUKO.

The IOC President stated that the Olympic Truce Mural was being inaugurated today at the Olympic Village, the heartbeat of the Olympic Games. This is where the Olympic spirit lives. It is possible to live in peace despite differences. This is what the athletes have shown us. This is the Olympic message: it's possible to compete for the highest prize but also to live peacefully together under one roof at the Olympic Village.

President Bach addressed the athletes about to compete in Tokyo and said, "It's in this Olympic spirit, that I invite you leave your signature on Olympic Truce Mural to show your commitment for a better, more peaceful world through sports."

HASHIMOTO SEICO, Tokyo 2020 President, stated that the "time of darkness and division caused due to the spread of COVID-19 in Tokyo is slowly ending, and a new age of peace and solidarity is starting." I hope that the Olympic Games will be represented here in Tokyo by the athletes who will sign the mural calling for peace around the globe.

Three days after the Olympic Truce was in effect, the inauguration of the Olympic Truce mural took place.