Accelerate your career with IIM Trichy's PGCP in Banking & Finance

Accelerate your career with IIM Trichy's PGCP in Banking & Finance

After an exceptional year, India's banking and financial industry is stronger than ever. Jaro Education today announced the establishment of a new PG Certificate Programme in Banking & Finance in collaboration with IIM Trichy to fulfil the demands of this industry. This one-year multidisciplinary programme is meant to develop high-quality academic rigour via the use of specifically created courseware from IIM Trichy's outstanding faculty. Jaro Education aims to provide quality education that provides industry-ready skills to tomorrow's leaders in the BFSI sector through this programme.

According to a recent analysis, "India's retail loans to GDP ratio is less than 15%, compared to close to 80% for the US and the UK." Deposits increased at a CAGR of 13.93 percent from FY16 to FY20, reaching US$ 1.93 trillion by FY20. As a result of the pandemic's impact, the country is witnessing a shift in Banking & Financial Services. The PG Certificate Programme in Banking & Finance offered by IIM Trichy and powered by Jaro Education includes rigorous pedagogy consisting of case studies, group projects, live and interactive class lectures, and the development of term papers and simulations to support transformation in the banking industry in this digital age. The course assists in gaining key knowledge on the operation of banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies), gaining an understanding of broad regulations governing the institutions, gaining hands-on experience on real-world case studies, gathering insights on new age products and innovations by banking institutions, and developing the ability to formulate and implement strategy.

Furthermore, to strengthen the programme curriculum, it contains information ranging from the fundamentals and advanced functioning of the banking and financial sector to the application of strategies in the post-pandemic digital environment.

This comprehensive Banking & Finance Course is designed to help professionals succeed at all levels of the banking and finance profession, accelerate their career progress, and motivate them to contribute to an organization's success by taking on greater positions. Working professionals who desire to advance their careers in the BFSI sector are welcome to apply for the course.

Ms. Ranjita Raman, Chief Executive Officer of Jaro Education, commented on the new program's inauguration, saying, "In these difficult times, our nation's top objective is to increase its economic development based on inclusive growth by leveraging the daring reforms of the BFSI industry." Credit growth is predicted to reach 10 percent -13 percent every year, driven by economic activity. India's digital lending was worth $75 billion in FY18 and is expected to reach $1 trillion by FY23, representing a nearly five-fold expansion in digital infrastructure. Jaro Education, in collaboration with our long-term partner IIM Trichy, will offer a world-class PG programme for professionals in the BFSI sector to meet unmet demand. I am convinced that this technologically functional PG programme will assist banking and finance professionals in developing critical skill sets that will allow them to progress their careers and contribute to the nation's economic prosperity."

"We are excited to be associated with Jaro Education to offer our PG Certificate programme in Banking & Finance, which provides banking and financial professionals with the opportunity to enhance their skill sets and grow in their careers," said Prof. Prashant Gupta, Chairperson-EEC, IIM Tiruchirappalli. With a growing demand for qualified experts, the Banking & Finance sector is fueling volume growth and is expected to set a new standard in the future."