70% Indians spend 1 to 4 hours watching the TV

70% Indians spend 1 to 4 hours watching the TV

India CTV Report 2021 - CTV mapping in India and brand opportunities" India A Mediasmart analysis from Affle illustrates the evolving patterns of the Indian consumer's media consumption. India is experiencing digital change as customers are progressively shifting from conventional linear television to CTV and OTT. This move offers companies and advertisers an unexplored advertising opportunity. It outlines consumer views with an expert assessment on the potential of the CTV advertising medium.

The research states that the main trends and insights of CTV viewers include:

  • Of the selected audiences examined, 78% own a Smart TV and 93% access Internet-based content for these TV users.
  • CTV users are young urban folks who are mobile-first and involved in varied applications, including – mobile, active and knowledgeable mobile television. The 89% are social media users, the 82% are e-commerce, the 44% are gamers and more
  • Material on demand: more than 59% prefer to download apps through the Smart TV App Store, while 26% consume programming mostly using pre-installed apps and a small section (15% of respondents) use the dongle to stream TV content
  • One device, numerous applications: Nearly 70% of the respondents spend 1 to 4 hours watching the CTV films (91%), streaming (64%), playing games (47%) or watching news (64 percent )
  • Over 65% of respondents sign up for more than one OTT application, and OCT preferences. The top eight OTT apps in India are 40% adopted: Disney+Hotstar, Amazon's Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, MXPlayer, Sony LIV, VOOT and Alt Balaji. There are no new apps available. The tendency for app usage depends largely on the time and saison.
  • Limited obstacles to visualisation and acceptance: CTV consumption reduces across age, language, and urban barriers in contrast to mobile internet use requiring literacy. Advertisers can use vernaculars to contact users in language ads.

Nikhil Kumar, director of the media, says in the report on the CTV potential - "The world is heading towards immersion and CTV is an interesting location.

It is intriguing to witness the adoption of CTV advertising by major publicists in the country as a vital new component to their media mix. CTV advertising is here to stay and we power marketers to engage the relevant customers across connected devices with evolutionary solutions supplied by means of media-smart on Household Sync technology.

India is a young market with a huge CTV potential. CTV is more engaging than conventional televisions and unites the two forces of (a) engaging CTV advertising narration and (b) programmatic and digital advertising targeting. Affle's intelligent media platform provides a novel strategy for optimising CTV opportunities. By coordinating CTV ad camps with advertising from other connected devices inside the same household, advertisers may make ads more energetic using MediaSmart's innovative Household Sync technology. In the same household, brands may run CTV ads, measure and drive their results to the local retailer, for a particular audience.

Amardeep Singh, CEO of Interactive Avenues, discusses CTV's opportunity in this research – "Worldwide and in India advertisers are missing the chance to use CTV as an attractive media for digital advertising. For some of our top custodians who already use the media intelligent CTV ad technology, we have seen amazing outcomes and ROI. This research is a step forward in creating standards in industry, even as technologies such as Household Sync make CTV more measurable and effective."

India is one of the largest internet consumers markets with data plans getting more affordable. Cheap Smart TVs, various and affordable online content as well as a smart population group open to the digital environment are a huge possibility for CTV acceptance and development. For advertisers to design solutions for different businesses with different business needs, this makes them fertile ground. Affle's media intellect drives CTV innovation throughout India, SEA, Europe & elsewhere and is aiming to revolutionise the way brands interact on various connected devices with consumers.