The world’s first Indo-Japanese Gin launches in Goa

The world’s first Indo-Japanese Gin launches in Goa

First ever Indo-Japanese gin, Doja, has been released by East Side Distillery in Goa. Jai Anand and Sanjiv Anand of Cedar Consulting are bringing to market a new wave of craft gin made with botanicals from India and Japan, creating a demand for premium domestic gin.

Globally, the gin-drinking culture has taken off, and it seems to be catching on here as well. Gin is a drink that is easy on the throat, refreshing, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day by the millennial generation. Gin has been a huge hit at bars, is a social media sensation, and is currently bursting with prospects.

It was Anand's goal to offer to India a new flavour combination in gin-making that had never been attempted before. Using a Japanese distillery, he collaborated to create a drink that combines the flavours of two countries. As a result of Japan's reputation for meticulous craftsmanship, perfectionist tendencies, and attention to detail, the country's booze has a distinct flavour. Using Yuzu, sansho peppers, hinoki, and coriander, as well as cardamom and coriander from India, lends a citrusy flavour to the drink.

With the best botanicals from India and Japan's Wakayama prefecture, the artisan small-batch gin is distilled in Goa.

Consumers' taste preferences are changing as they get more familiar with gin. Doja was born out of a desire by millennials to find locally sourced, high-quality products, and thus Doja was born. Doja aims to be an experience-driven brand, and our strategy is to look for locations and spaces that assist define the brand's vibe. ' Craft small-batch gin is something that we want our customers to experience and enjoy."

As CEO of Cedar Consulting, Anand said, "We see a big opportunity in the rise of female consumers, increasing disposable income, high consumption, and the influence of social media." Premium gin sales in India are expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.1 percent between 2020 and 2025, according to IWSR projections. Doja has been designing new types of social engagement and experiences for the millennial consumer in mind."