Now take bath in Coffee !

Now take bath in Coffee !

This is India's first coffee-infused body wash in a coffee cup, created by India's first caffeinated personal care business, mCaffeine.

By branching out into a new area, the brand has developed five different types of caffeinated body washes that are suitable for all skin types and soothe them with a non-drying sulfate-free cleaning solution.

It was a huge stride forward for the company this year when they introduced a new line of body wash under the concept that it was the perfect "cup of coffee" for your skin. The product is packaged in the shape of a coffee cup manufactured from repurposing coffee trash in order to mimic the look and feel of this energising morning cup of coffee.

More than that, the company asked its clients for their honest comments about the brand and what motivates them to keep coming back in order to show appreciation and create an outstanding experience for them along with a fantastic product. Customers who are 'addicted to good' from caffeine get their testimonials and images put on the package of the brand's most iconic product of the year.

In the previous five years, mCaffeine has become synonymous with coffee skincare thanks to the brand's relentless efforts to accomplish this ambition, according to Tarun Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO. It's a huge accomplishment for the company, and we're excited to offer our clients this new line of caffeinated body wash."

Because we are specialising in skin care products, we want to take advantage of everything coffee has to offer." In this new line of coffee-infused skin care products, you can wake up to the aroma and rich texture of a cup of coffee every morning. In order to highlight our fundamental philosophy of being natural and environmentally friendly, we designed the distinctive container using recycled old coffee grounds," he went on to say.

Deep Body Cleaning - Coffee Trio with Naked & Raw Coffee Body Wash, Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub, and Naked & Raw Coffee Body Lotion is one of the body care combos available at the spa. Take care of your skin every day by using the Naked & Raw Coffee Cleanse & Moisturize Daily Body Care Kit. Naked and Raw Espresso Coffee Body Wash, Latte Coffee Body Wash, and Cappuccino Body Wash are included in this bundle of three Signature Body Washes.

The Naked & Raw line of mCaffeine products is vegan, cruelty-free, and approved by PETA. They have been dermatologically tested and are devoid of SLS and parabens, as well as being authorised by the FDA.