Mercedes-Benz India implements D2C model

Mercedes-Benz India implements D2C model

Mercedes-Benz, India's top luxury manufacturer, today launched the futuristic and extremely customer-centric 'Retail of the Future' (ROTF) business model, ushering in a sea change in the country's luxury retail scene. After a successful beta testing period, Martin Schwenk, Managing Director & CEO, and Santosh Iyer, Vice President- Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India, introduced this 'direct to customer' concept from the company's Metro Auto Hangar dealership in South Mumbai.

With 'Retail of the Future,' Mercedes-Benz India will maintain ownership of all vehicles and sell them directly to customers via selected Franchise Partners. Mercedes-Benz will also be in charge of order processing and fulfilment. With ROTF, the corporation will set a single national price that will be uniform across the country.

ROTF is exclusively focused on consumer convenience, bringing a suite of industry-first practises to Indian clients, setting a new standard for transparency and customer convenience with the goal of providing the finest customer experience. Customers will no longer be charged for incidental expenses associated with their transaction while using ROTF. Additionally, consumers will now have direct access to national inventory, providing them with a broader view of available products across markets. Mercedes-Benz will also provide the VIN number to the consumer during the order booking stage for the first time.

Martin Schwenk, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, stated at the launch of Retail of the Future in India, "In June 2021, we launched a disruptive retail business model that is very customer-centric and promises a smooth, Omni channel, and transparent experience to our customers." Today, we are happy to launch India's 'Retail of the Future' following the successful establishment of a powerful digital backbone that will support this huge transformation in our retail sector. ROTF is a unique customer-centric business model that adapts to changing customer preferences while empowering Franchise Partners by dramatically lowering their financial and operational risks in the market. ROTF bolsters our efforts to achieve customer excellence by requiring Franchise Partners to compete purely on the basis of offering an exceptional customer experience."

"With ROTF, we've built a unified customer journey experience that includes numerous industry-first initiatives. For the first time in India, customers will not be charged any incidental or additional fees. Customers now have direct access to Mercedes-Benz India's nationwide inventory, which includes a diverse selection of vehicles. ROTF is a positive step toward a closer relationship with our customers, and is the outcome of listening to their needs and developing requirements. As the country's most trusted luxury brand, we've established a new standard for customer centricity, a new bar for Franchise Partners' profitability, and a new culture of competing solely for the greatest customer experience." Mr. Schwenk continued.

With an offline Sales Transaction System and an online Digital Commerce Platform with ROTF, these solutions provide a smooth offline and online journey.

Mercedes-Benz India is pleased to announce the launch of its online Digital Commercial Platform (DCP). The company has established a proprietary Digital Commerce Platform, or DCP, which functions as an online store. DCP provides a frictionless online experience for customers, allowing them to book a Mercedes-Benz automobile on their own.

DCP's unique advantages include the following:

  • Utilize the available inventory to conduct a search, complete with product descriptions and a clear, transparent pricing structure.
  • Customers are given with financing choices up front.
  • A meticulous booking procedure

ROTF will apply only to new car sales and will have no effect on the operation of other business lines such as customer service, pre-owned vehicles, and affiliated industries. Mercedes-Benz India's Franchise Partners worked collaboratively to adopt 'ROTF' in India, sharing the company's 'customer-centric' philosophy and co-creating a future-ready business model.