Masai School’s ‘Study now, pay later’

Masai School’s ‘Study now, pay later’

Masai School, a alternative education and career-focused startup, provides aspirants with the opportunity to become successful software developers and jumpstart their careers in coding with no upfront costs.

Masai School's programmes include a 'Study Now, Pay Later' option made feasible by the company's Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) model.

Through the ISA, candidates can enrol in the course for free and pay the programme price only after securing a job worth at least INR 5 lac per annum.

Masai School is open to everyone interested in pursuing a career as a software developer. The organisation offers a seven-month intensive full-stack web and android programming training, as well as coaching for personality development and soft skills.

To enrol in Masai School's programme, students must have completed the 12th standard. Masai School also assists students with job placement upon completion of the curriculum.

Prateek Shukla, CEO & Co-Founder, Masai School, stated, "The Indian education system does not cater to all children at the same level. Numerous barriers exist to obtaining a high-quality education and career-focused training. Social status and financial limitations are frequently encountered obstacles on this journey. Masai School's mission is to democratise access to a high-quality education. To this end, we've adopted the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) concept as a standard corporate practise. We are able to create an equitable and accessible platform for all coding aspirants through ISA. All of our programmes are designed to develop students into skilled and employable professionals. Our courses have a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and are designed to meet current industry standards. At Masai, students gain experience working in a business environment while honing their coding abilities for ten to twelve hours a day. We place a premium on our students' entire development, including personality and soft skills training in addition to coding.”

By definition, an income share agreement (or ISA) is a financial structure in which an individual or organisation offers something of value (often a predetermined sum of money) to a recipient in exchange for the recipient agreeing to repay a percentage of their income for a specified number of months. Learners can enrol in any Masai School programme for free and pay the programme fee later, once they secure a job paying at least Rs. 5 lakh per annum.

By reducing financial barriers to obtaining a high-quality education, the ISA model has benefited a large number of worthy students. The storey of Mohammed Hassan, a student from Masai School's first batch, demonstrates this.

Hassan was born into a poor Indian household and hence lacked access to a quality education. Despite having completed his mechanical engineering degree, he lacked the necessary experience to the outside world and was unable to secure a position that would adequately compensate for his four years of schooling. Due to family obligations, he was forced to take a job in a workshop.

Despite numerous obstacles, Hassan has always aspired to greatness, and it was this drive that brought him to Masai School's Bengaluru campus. After months of dedication and hard effort during the Masai curriculum, Hassan secured a software engineer position at a top social media start-up, earning more than eight times his former wage.

Hassan was able to pursue the full-stack developer programme without having to pay the programme fee up front thanks to Masai School's Income Sharing Agreement approach. Hassan began his work as a developer more over a year ago and is now Masai School's first student to successfully complete the conditions of his ISA.

At Masai School, the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) concept enables students to 'Study Now and Pay Later' after securing a suitable employment paying at least 5 lakhs per year. Currently, the organisation provides programmes in Full Stack Web Development (full-time and part-time) and UI UX Design (full-time), with plans to add programmes in Data Analytics, Product Management, and others in the coming months.