Leap launches ‘LevelUp H1B’ job portal for International students

Leap launches ‘LevelUp H1B’ job portal for International students

Leap, South Asia's largest overseas education company, which operates Leap Finance and LeapScholar (www.leapfinance.com and www.leapscholar.com), has announced the launch of 'LevelUp H1B,' a job-matching portal for international students that allows them to apply directly to a curated list of companies sponsoring H1B Visas.

The free platform intends to simplify the job search process for international job searchers, who sometimes face unique recruiting problems due to specialised employment needs such as visa sponsorship.

The 'LevelUp H1B Job Portal,' which is projected to be operational by October 25th, will be introduced on the sidelines of Yocket's H1B Careers Summit on October 23rd, 2021 (9 AM PDT | 12 PM EST | 9 PM IST).

Throughout the summit, 13 global experts will discuss their experiences and offer guidance to students on how to navigate the US job market as fresh grads, mid-career professionals, or leaders.

These luminaries will address an audience of more than 10,000 international students and professionals at the conference.

To prepare these aspirants for careers, they will conduct in-depth research on how to break into professions without prior work experience, recruiting processes, necessary abilities, and typical career paths.

Leap will also unveil an e-book titled 'From Admit Letter to Offer Letter' during the conference to assist international students in navigating the US employment market and preparing them to land their ideal internships and jobs.

Sanket Firodiya – Co-founder of Hammr, Lokesh Kumar – Senior Director, Engineering at StockX and former Microsoft employee, Tanya Shastri – Vice President of Products, Blockchain at VMware, and Amit Bhojwani – Director, Products at Facebook are among the remarkable list of guest speakers. The guest speakers will focus on the three most popular job paths in the United States for international students: software development, product management, and data science.

Vaibhav Singh, co-founder of Leap, stated at the employment portal's inauguration, "We at Leap are committed to supporting the professional success of our community of students." Beginning a career in a new nation might be intimidating. We are pleased to announce the debut of the LevelUp H1B employment portal, which will considerably simplify the job search process for international students while also matching them with the appropriate career possibilities. The contribution of migrants to the global economy is widely recognised, and we believe that our programme will empower the next generation of global leaders."

"The H1B Careers Summit is a unique project designed to assist international students and H1B visa holders in navigating an often difficult job market in the United States," stated Sumeet Jain, co-founder of Yocket. Through this summit and the succeeding guest lectures, aspiring students/job seekers will gain a firm grasp of the kind of scenarios they may experience and the most effective strategies for dealing with them. We're thrilled to collaborate with Leap on this endeavour and feel it will serve as an excellent platform for spectators, aspirants, and participants alike."

The H1B Careers Summit is one of several programmes offered by Level Up by Leap, a community-based educational and mentoring programme for international students. The community's 5000 members provide a variety of workshops and career-track events, as well as provide free tools to help individuals negotiate the US labour market successfully as an immigrant.

Leap (leapfinance.com and leapscholar.com) was founded in 2019 and is the first online platform to offer comprehensive services to students pursuing foreign education and jobs. Leap Financial Services, headquartered in San Francisco and with branches in Bangalore (India), provides counselling, visa services, education loans, and other financial products specialised to international students.

Yocket is India's largest community-based digital platform, connecting over half a million study abroad seekers to fellow aspirants, colleges, loan providers, and counselling professionals in one place.