Khadim launches new footwear range for millennials and Gen Z’s

Khadim launches new footwear range for millennials and Gen Z’s

With Durga Puja just around the horizon, Bengali's Most Popular Footwear Brand – Khadim has launched a Social Media Influencer Campaign #AbarPujoyJustKhadim, partnering with 17 Tollywood's Top Super Stars.

Sayantika Banerjee, Priyanka Sarkar, Sohini Sarkar, Ditipriya Roy, Madhumita Sarcar, Trina Saha, Sayani Ghosh, Sourav Das, and Rohan Bhattacharya are among those who have lent their support to the initiative.

By capitalising on the emerging trend of Gen Zs, Millennials, and even Gen Xs spending over 2-3 hours a day on social media content, Khadim has coordinated its marketing strategy to reach the prospective younger demographic exclusively through digital channels.

"Khadim as a brand has been constantly reinventing itself in order to remain a viable option for young people looking for inexpensive fashion footwear across all categories - Heels, Flats, Work Wear, Sports, Canvas, Comfort, Outdoor, Casual, Contemporary, Sandals, Formals, Loafers & Chappals. This time, rather than relying on traditional marketing channels, we picked the digital route. The Campaign provides Khadim with enough eyes to generate awareness for its holiday merchandise. Additionally, Khadim had a very successful Durga Puja campaign last year called #EbarPujoyJustKhadim," said Mainak Banerjee, Khadim's National Marketing Head.

Khadim has launched their AW21 collection, which is as contemporary, trendy, edgy, and vivid as ever. The collections are already available in stores and on the company's website. Simply look them up.