Godrej launches Godrej INTELI-ACCESS safe deposit lockers

Godrej launches Godrej INTELI-ACCESS safe deposit lockers

Godrej & Boyce, the flagship firm of the Godrej Group, said today that Godrej Security Solutions, one of its business units, has unveiled Godrej INTELI-ACCESS - a new era lockers' system that is destined to change banking institutions.

Godrej Security Solutions, one of India's most renowned and leading security brands, unveiled this high-end technology-led banking security solution in the wake of the new RBI rules for safe deposit lockers at banks, which were issued in August 2021.

The newly introduced Godrej INTELI-ACCESS is meant to alleviate system bottlenecks and improve customer experience through intelligent integrated automation in accordance with upgraded infrastructure and security regulations. Customers benefit from the ease of keyless access, which prevents forgeries and fraud by minimising reliance on manual interventions. Thumbprint verification confirms bio-signature, interactive networking authenticates the actual client, safe quick keyless access removes dangers of unauthorised access, and unlocking is simple with a smartcard or biometric access.

Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Vice President & Global Head - Marketing & Sales, Godrej Security Solutions, commented on the launch, saying, "The updated RBI guidelines are set to transform the future of banking in India by creating a comprehensive security ecosystem, and we believe that this will go a long way in ensuring a win-win situation for all stakeholders." Godrej Security Solutions is the country's largest supplier of security solutions such as safety lockers to various major banks. With the amended RBI criteria, Godrej Security Solutions has a significant opportunity to build a firmer hold in the sector and improve our market share. We are also pleased to use this occasion to announce the launch of technology-driven smart safety lockers such as the Godrej INTELI-ACCESS - an innovative locker that will enhance the protection of valuables across institutions."

Godrej Security Solutions has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions for institutions for over 120 years, despite the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals, banks, and financial institutions. Currently, the brand provides over 100 items to the country's financial community. Godrej Security Solutions provides a comprehensive selection of smart safety deposit boxes, such as Secunex and Autovault, that are developed using a user-insight-based innovation approach.

The event was commemorated at their annual conference, dubbed 'Secure Spaces.' The subject for this year was 'Future of Banking - Building a Secure Ecosystem.'

Brig. Pravin Shinde – Chief Security Officer – State Bank of India, Col. Tejinder Singh Shahi – CSO – Punjab National Bank, Capt. Akhilesh CSO – Bank of India, Col. Sujit Mondal – CSO – UCO Bank, and Capt. Rakesh Patney – Ex-CSO – Bank of India were among those present at the conclave to discuss the various benefits the new set of RBI guidelines will have on the

Some of the discussion's key takeaways included the following:

The virtual panel discussion focused on different issues that will shape the future of banking in India and how this might result in a more safe ecosystem for clients. Customers are increasingly asking for simple, comprehensive, and secure banking services, which is a key trend. The panellists provided their perspectives on how banks can become more nimble and resilient in the face of increased customer demands and regulatory constraints.

"We are witnessing a change in customer expectations when it comes to digitised banking services," remarked session moderator Capt. Patney - Ex CSO, Bank of India. As digital technologies become more prevalent in all aspects of life, banks must provide clients with digitised and high-tech security solutions. It is a good opportunity for the industry to band together and create a secure ecosystem for customers. As a result of recent mergers, the expectations of banks and their clients have shifted dramatically, particularly for the merged organisations. Suppliers / OEMs to banks must recognise this element and meet these greater requirements."

Godrej Security Solutions intends to continue investing 12-15 percent of its revenue in developing digital technology-based products to fulfil the needs of its customers. The organisation has been in the forefront of bridging the country's security gap by developing comprehensive high-tech security solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial properties.

Smart Lockers and Strengthening Solutions for Pre-1990 Doors, as well as retrofitting solutions for existing Lockers, will assist banks in upgrading their security infrastructure in order to align themselves with the most recent criteria and so be future ready.

Panelist Col. Sujit Mondal, CSO of UCO Bank, stated, "The updated set of recommendations published by the Reserve Bank of India will undoubtedly have an impact on the banks since bandwidth has been a continuous issue and addressing the same will be critical." Banks require security system upgrades as well as proactive e-surveillance to monitor systems with the goal of tracking consumer entry, exit, login, and so on. Internal security systems now available in the industry require urgent improvement, and there is a critical need to design hardware that is resilient and provides an interactive security system. In terms of consumer expectations, they anticipate the integration of a physical security system that will provide a seamless and hassle-free service experience. Because we are in the service industry, we will adopt the RBI guidelines gradually, taking into account the essential aspects of each of our bank's branches.

Panelist Capt. Akhilesh, CSO, Bank of India, stated that while banks would undoubtedly update their security systems in the future, there is still much work to be done and addressed in the existing security systems. It is critical for banks to have the strength of their strong-room doors evaluated so that reinforcing plans may be devised. However, the most difficult difficulty that banks confront is what happens if it 'fails,' thus it is critical for everyone in the business to recognise that it is the safest option. This is why a structural audit of strong rooms is critical, and technologies are available to help with this.