FSSAI releases draft norms specifying labelling of pan masala & breads

FSSAI releases draft norms specifying labelling of pan masala & breads
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The country's food agency has suggested requirements for the labelling of 'pan masala' that would require a warning declaration to span half of the front of the container. Additionally, the standards define the nomenclature for breads.

The legislation requires manufacturers of Pan Masala to indicate on the front of the pack that 'CHEWING OF PAN MASALA IS DANGEROUS TO HEALTH' and that 'the warning statement must span 50% of the front of the pack's label'.

These laws, dubbed the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Amendment Regulations, 2021, also specify the eligibility of various breads for label naming.

According to the proposed regulations, the minimum percentage of specialty ingredient, i.e., whole wheat atta, should be 75%. Similarly, for the nomenclature "wheat bread" or "brown bread," at least 50% of the flour should be whole grain.

To qualify as multigrain bread, the speciality ingredients must be approved under the FSS (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 and contain a minimum of 20% grains other than wheat.

Additionally, the regulations establish a minimum amount of speciality ingredient as a percentage of flour for specialty bread, with the specialty ingredient appearing on the label as a prefix to the term 'bread.'

According to the FSSAI's proposed regulation,'milk bread' must contain a minimum of 6% milk solids. Similarly, 'honey bread' must contain a minimum of 5% honey, 'cheese bread' must contain 10% cheese, 'oatmeal bread' must contain 15% oatmeal, 'cracked wheat or dalia bread' must contain 15% dalia, 'bread with wheat germ' must contain 2% wheat germ, 'egg bread' must contain 1.5 percent edible whole egg solids, 'fruit bread' must contain 20% candied fruit, and 'triticale.

Stakeholders can provide feedback on the draft and send it to the FSSAI, according to the food regulator's statement.