Derma Essentia introduces Chrono Beauty skin concept in India

Derma Essentia introduces Chrono Beauty skin concept in India

Today's lifestyle factors such as long work hours, exposure to UV rays, excessive smartphone use, poor sleep pattern, mismanaged eating habits, and international travel all contribute to the destruction of one's biological clock, resulting in an imbalance in the skin's rhythm.

Recognizing the need of the hour, Derma Essentia, a niche premium skin and hair care brand, has emphasised the Chrono Beauty concept, which is based on an innovative natural bioactive ingredient called Chrono Chardy.

This one-of-a-kind offering is sourced from Japanese Chardonnay farms. Inspired by the ever-changing needs of the skin, the innovative formulation balances the day and night functions of the skin by synchronising the skin's circadian rhythm and rejuvenating inner skin beauty.

Chrono Chardy is the ideal marriage of skin science advancements and Derma Essentia formulations. The term circadian rhythm refers to the human body's internal 24-hour physiologic, metabolic, and behavioural rhythms, which are regulated by the brain's central regulator or master clock.

According to the brand, the theory behind this unique concept is to encapsulate the brand's primary mission, which is to assist people in escapading the best in class essentials for healthy skin that are backed by science.

This one-of-a-kind concept helps to minimise transepidermal water loss for healthy skin and to maintain and enhance one's glow by implementing an instant and long-lasting moisture layer beneath the skin's layers.

Additionally, the formulation helps to even out skin tone, refines skin texture, promotes skin brightness, diminishes wrinkle formation, combats age spots, increases collagen synthesis in the skin, regulates aquaporin, repairs DNA, and provides protection during the day and regeneration at night.

Himani Guleria, Brand Manager at Derma Essentia, elaborates on the concept, "Our products, enriched with Vitis vinifera grapefruit extract, are the ideal answer to a unique skincare solution that works on the skin's biological clock genes to synchronise their functions." The brand is more committed to innovation in the skin science segment, and as a result, we are working collaboratively to develop products that are derived from the secrets of natural, proven skin bio-actives that protect against external aggressors.”

Derma Essentia is a pioneer in introducing vitamin C to India, where it is already a market leader in its category, owing to the team's extensive experience, knowledge, and credentials.

Derma Essentia's founders and team have spent decades deciphering and perfecting this concept. Their mission is to inspire, educate, and share cosmeceutical expertise in order to redefine skincare.

Derma Essentia's introduction of Chrono Beauty concept-based formulations in their skin-care product portfolios such as Vitamin C Serum and Face wash, Sunscreen gel SPF 50, Under eye cream, Hydrating foaming face wash, Oil free cleanser, and Anti-Aging Cream has been facilitated by a large range of product variants equipped with this distinctive Chrono Chardy concept, and the brand is looking forward to bringing with Science Backed Essentials and a commitment to revolutionising the personal-care industry, the brand empowers people to reinvent their skin and hair.

Derma Essentia is a nature-inspired skin and hair care brand dedicated to making a significant difference in their customers' lives. At Derma Essentia, we combine the secrets of natural, proven skin bio-actives with science to create products that work on a deeper cellular level, protecting against environmental aggressors.

Each Derma Essentia product is a work of art, meticulously crafted by experts who have personally tested numerous solutions capable of unlocking answers to improve skin's current health. Derma Essentia transforms into a one-stop shop for healthy personal care desires with its assortment of skin and hair care products.