Curefoods acquires 7 food brands to expand its cloud kitchen footprint

Curefoods acquires 7 food brands to expand its cloud kitchen footprint

One of the leading cloud kitchen companies, Curefoods, which owns brands like EatFit, has announced the acquisition of various D2C food businesses across the United States. It currently has ten brands under its umbrella, seven of which are recent acquisitions, including CakeZone and MasalaBox, respectively.

In addition, YumLane, Sharief Bhai, and Aligarh House have been granted exclusive online franchising rights by the company. The company plans to onboard 25 brands in India's burgeoning cloud kitchen segment as a result of this expansion. Already, 15 letters of intent have been signed by the company (LOIs). When on-boarding such brands, it usually follows a 21-day period of end-to-end closure.

In order to incorporate these brands into the business, the company is using end-to-end farm-to-fork technology and a highly skilled consumer-facing marketing stack. Furthermore, because of its expertise in managing highly advanced central kitchen facilities, it is able to support and accelerate the growth of these culinary brands.

"We are on a mission to make good food easily accessible at low rates," said Curefoods founder Ankit Nagori in response to recent developments. "We are acquiring a number of brands that people recognise and love." We aim to use our industry expertise and superior technology to elevate and magnify the experiences these businesses provide in light of the rapid expansion of cloud kitchens in India, particularly since the epidemic. We'll be able to create a highly standardised, efficient, and hygienic kitchen network across the country if they're under the Curefoods banner. We're thrilled to welcome all the new brands to the team and can't wait to serve some fantastic meals to Indian customers."

We are delighted to bring on board some really fantastic food brands that are dishing up tasty meals across India's geographies, said Gokul Kandhi, Curefoods Business Head. Now that they're a member of our network, we're going to focus even more on scaling up operations, integrating technology, and marketing. Some of these companies have already grown significantly quicker since the outbreak than they did previously. We expect to see this tendency with each new brand we add to Curefoods. With their help, we'll be a prominent player in the rapidly expanding cloud kitchen market in India.