Chitkara University students' artwork makes it to Tokyo Olympics

Chitkara University students' artwork makes it to Tokyo Olympics

This is a moment to be proud of Chitkara University Virtual art show "The virtual art show" has been chosen from artwork by seven artists (Ph.D. students, BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) students and faculty members). Olympia Indian Contemporary Artist Association. The exhibition will take place during Tokyo Olympics 2021.

The reel video will be displayed at Tokyo Olympics Memorial Gallery Chuoku, Japan, between July 23 and August 8, 2021. Seven of 52 participants were selected by Chitkara University.

Piyush Aand and Diksha Raghav, BFA in Painting, paintedThe Winner', 'Moods of Glory Mixed media: and Alisha Sharma was a Ph.D. Research Scholar in Art & Design.Olympic'Using watercolour. Rakesh K. Chaudhary & Abhijit Kumar Mohanty are Ph.D Research Scholars in Art & Design.Light of Hope" und "Running for Glory"Using the digital media.

Dr. Arjun Sharma Singh, from the faculty, painted 'The Runner You can use charcoal as a medium.

You can also find these helpful tips: Dean of Chitkara Design School, Prof. (Dr.) Ranjan Kumar Mallik"Me & My Olympic 2020" was also selected. It was produced on digital medium. "The Chitkara University's humble contribution is used to inspire the athletes who will participate in the Olympics.He said.

Expressing her happiness, and congratulating all artists.Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor, Chitkara University "According to, our faculty and students are proud of their remarkable achievements. Chitkara University aims to foster creativity and increase innovation. We want to inspire our students and faculty to realize their full potential, as well as provide them with the best global opportunities. I wish to thank the artists for their contributions to this international platform."