Cartoon Network’s ‘Ekans - Ek Se Badhkar Snake’ homegrown tech-savvy superhero; launches on June 27

Cartoon Network’s ‘Ekans - Ek Se Badhkar Snake’  homegrown tech-savvy superhero; launches on June 27

The best tech-savvy kid in the block meets folk mythology and you've got a winner! Cartoon Network, a WarnerMedia Kids channel has today announced the launch of Ekans-Ek Se Badhkar Snake CGI series. The blockbuster power-packed blockbuster will debut on the channel Sunday, June 27, followed by Monday through Friday, at 11:30am & 7:30pm.

Ekans is a 13 year old street-smart wunderkind. Due to his fearless attitude, heart of gold, and willingness to take risks, he is named 'the one'. The tech-savvy, but not so conventional, youngster gains incredible snake-like powers that enhance his senses, camouflage, flexibility and strength, helping to protect the human race from the evils of this world. He also has a hi-tech superpower suit that includes mechanical snakes. This gives him additional capabilities to outsmart evil.

This original IP is a riveting storyline that blends urban settings with magical elements. It centers on Ekans' lives, his intelligent family and his silly friend Chiku. While he may be aware of his superpowers he is also compassionate which makes him very lovable. Cartoon Network fans will find the right mix of superhuman powers and friendship in this original cartoon series. They also have the support of a loving, supportive family.

'Ekans - Ek Se Badhkar Snake’, a local production of Hi-Tech Animation from Kolkata, joins the existing gamut success homegrown IPs at WarnerMedia India, such as Dabangg - The Animated Series’, Titoo - Har Jawaab Ki Sawaal U' and?Smashing Simmba’, on the companion channel POGO.

Abhishek Dutta is the South Asia Network Head of Cartoon Network and its companion channel POGOIt was,"We are delighted to announce our first ever homegrown superhero. It's also the first CGI series. Ekans-Ek Se Badhkar Snake features a character-verse which is both relevant locally and universally. Ekans' show is not only entertaining and action-packed, but encourages kids to embrace themselves fully, just as Ekans does. We are certain that kids and parents will enjoy the show's teenage protagonist because of his intelligence, superpowers and ability to overcome fears and obstacles for the greater good.

The show's title song is a collaborative effort by some of Bollywood's most coveted artists. They include Kailash Kher, an award-winning Indian playback artist, Parry G, a popular freestyle rapper sensation, and Gulzar, a poet and author legend, and Simaab Sen.

Cartoon Network also launched a 360-degree integrated promotional campaign, which celebrates every kid's superhero. It was designed to generate excitement and encourage engagement. Cartoon Network has created an Instagram page @EkansOnCartoonNetwork in support of the great superhero. Cartoon Network will also work with several partners, including Momspresso, the leading digital parenting platform, as well as YouTube Kids sensation "The Aayu-Pihu Show", for engaging social media activities. Brand integrations, influencer engagement and affiliate marketing are all part of the #EkansOnCartoonNetwork promotional activities. There will also be exciting activities on Cartoon Network's website and social media pages.

Cartoon Network has Ekans-Ek se Badhkar Snake in its arsenal to revolutionize the world of children's entertainment.