APL Apollo unveils India's first closed steel door and window frames "Apollo Chaukhat"

APL Apollo unveils India's first closed steel door and window frames "Apollo Chaukhat"

Emerging as a ideal pick for windows and doors,"Apollo Chaukhat" is a class apart from its section. It's synonymous with power, durability and world-class quality.

For those customers who were traditionally using wooden frames for windows and doors,"Apollo Chaukhat" is filled with inherent benefits. It's termite proof, fire resistant and inflexible whereas the pricey wooden frames stay vulnerable to dirt and therefore are inflammable, growth and contraction occur in wooden frames because of fluctuations in weather. "Apollo Chaukhat", made from premium excellent steel, isn't difficult to match, environment friendly and recyclable. The item also protects the home from bugs and dust, and can be easily customized based on the customers' requirements.

Another reason to select "Apollo Chaukhat" is the fast installation procedure which involves effortless simplicity. While installing of wooden frames is much similar to accomplishing a tough job with concrete and concrete, "Apollo Chaukhat", on the other hand may be fitted immediately even post-construction, in only a couple of straightforward measures, such as every contemporary Plug & Play.

This new product section is eco friendly in character and provides several advantages concerning value for money and reduced maintenance. Hence, we're extremely optimistic about capturing and creating a solid requirement for Apollo Chaukhat in national in addition to in export markets"

Apollo Chaukhat product collection involves a broad assortment of Door and Window Frames for its discerning clients to pick from. Apollo Chaukhat includes a longer life span than conventional window and doors frames.