Agri-business incubator at Anand receives commendation from PM

Agri-business incubator at Anand receives commendation from PM

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Mann Ki Baat" broadcast on All India Radio today, an Agri-Business Incubator (ABI) located in the ICAR-Directorate of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Research (Anand, Gujarat) has received high praise.

With funding from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research's National Agricultural Innovation Fund (NAIF), the Incubator will be the first of its kind to cater to the needs of start-ups working in the medicinal and aromatic plants sector. It will be located at the ICAR-Directorate of Medical and Aromatic Plants Research in Anand, Gujarat.

TBI's Medi-Hub was applauded by the Prime Minister because of the entrepreneurial efforts of Smt. Sai Sudha Chebrolu from Anand, Gujarat, and Smt. Subashree from M/s ATRI Products from Chennai who are incubating their herbal farms at the TBI's Medi-Hub.

The TBI is encouraging budding entrepreneurs to promote the growth of the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants sector with its objective for commercialising medicinal and aromatic plant innovations and start-ups with a best-in-class support system.

In the field of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Smt. Sai Sudha Chebrolu, 46 years old Women Entrepreneur, a Post-Graduate in Mass Media & Communication from Anand, Gujarat, launched M/s Bilvam Jaganmaata Herbals (Bilvam Herbals) Enterprise through Medi-Hub, TBI.

Innovating Herbal Formulations are prepared by the female workers, such as Immunity Booster Kits, Diabetic kits, blood pressure kits, thyroid kits, etc. The company has developed a set of three health supplements made entirely of natural substances to assist boost immunity and defend against viral and bacterial illnesses, as well as to help the body's own natural defences.

49-year-old Smt. Subashree launched M/s. ATRI HEALTH PRODUCTS with the help of Medi-Hub, TBI, ICAR-DMAPR, Anand, Gujarat. She is an old Post Graduate in Science (Physics) from Chennai. In order to create a greener environment and allow farmers to grow therapeutic herbs, she designed a Nano Herbal Deodorizer, which is used as a room and car freshener.

The terrace herbal garden of Smt. Subashree includes a rich variety of uncommon medicinal herbs, as well as a nursery for the plants' seeds. Currently, the terrace garden and nursery has over 400 different varieties of medicinal herbs, some of which are endangered species that must be preserved for the future of herbal medicine in this region. She also cares after a collection of endemic herbal plants and their native seed bank. Schoolchildren and Siddha/Ayurveda College students had field visits to the ATRI Herbal Terrace Garden as part of their studies. She's now working on creating Herbal Terrace Gardens for private citizens, businesses, and educational institutions, all of which can benefit from them.

Director of the ICAR-DMAPR, Dr. Satyajit Roy, stated that the Medi-Hub provides the Technology and Business Consultation, mentoring, networking, infra facilities and funding to the Incubatees in the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants sector to convert ideas into businesses.

MAP-relevant expertise is available at TBI, and the organisation also aims to make it easier for new ideas to be turned into profitable ventures. Additionally, it encourages technological and knowledge transfer within the MAPs industry. Stakeholder knowledge and skills can be improved by holding workshops on topics such as sensitivity, boot camps, and company management seminars.